Travel Grant Program

The Berkeley Language Center provides limited funding for language lecturers to attend and present a paper at either domestic or international professional conferences. Travel Grant is up to $750.00 for one presenter and $500 for co-presenters. We realize this will not cover all travel expenses; lecturers are encouraged to seek supplemental funding support. Additionally, lecturers are limited to one grant per year.

Include a copy of the program, an abstract, and/or a letter of invitation with your application form (download below). Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, pending available funds, and must be submitted prior to travel. Final application deadlines are below. Please note that if you miss these deadlines funding cannot be guaranteed.

Conference/Travel Dates Final Application Deadline
August-mid January First Friday in October
mid January-July  First Friday in April 

After returning from the conference, we request that grantees share their experiences with the BLC community through a brief, informal presentation (e.g., brown bag lunch). The presentation could describe the overall conference or provide a description of a paper that particularly excited you/that would be of interest to the BLC community. 

University Regulations state that the Berkeley Travel Office will only reimburse travelers who provide original receipts in their own name. There are no exceptions to this rule. Travel expense reimbursements should be processed within two weeks after conference travel. You are required to sign a UC Travel Voucher Form to complete the paperwork. Please do not mail receipts to the BLC Office.

Download Travel Grant application as a PDF

Please note, to view as interactive, you will need to view in Acrobat Reader.