About the BLC


Our Mission

Founded in 1994, the Berkeley Language Center (BLC) is a unit in the Division of Arts and Humanities of the College of Letters and Science. The BLC’s mission is to support the learning and teaching of heritage and foreign languages on the Berkeley campus and, where appropriate, in the University of California system. To meet this overarching goal, the BLC employs numerous strategies to improve teaching effectiveness and enhance the learning environment:

→ Provide language instructors with opportunities to learn of new developments in the fields of language pedagogy, second language acquisition theory, and sociolinguistics;

→ Support research by language instructors and its dissemination at professional meetings and in professional journals;

→ Support faculty production of new language learning materials;

→ Provide students and faculty with state-of-the-art learning facilities and equipment;

→ Provide students and faculty with access to language learning materials;

→ Maintain a library and media archive of materials for language teaching and research.

BLC People



Kimberly Vinall Elle Yoko Suzuki 
Executive Director Applications Programmer Supervisor
29 Dwinelle Hall B-36 Dwinelle Hall
(510) 877-4002 x13 (510) 877-4002 x14
(kvinall@berkeley.edu) (suzuki@berkeley.edu)
Emily Hellmich John Wuorenmaa
Associate Director Network Manager/SysAdmin
B-33C Dwinelle Hall B-23 Dwinelle Hall
(510) 877-4002 x19 (510) 877-4002 x17
(eahellmich@berkeley.edu) (johnww@berkeley.edu)
Donald Doehla  Keith Hernandez 
Co-Director, Berkeley World Language Project Recording Studio Manager
B-33A Dwinelle Hall B-27 Dwinelle Hall
(510) 877-4002 x15 (510) 877-4002 x12
(dm_doehla@berkeley.edu) (kah@berkeley.edu)
Nancy Salsig   
Co-Director, Berkeley World Language Project  
B-33A Dwinelle Hall  
(510) 877-4002 x15  



Orlando Garcia Natalia Goshylyk, Oct ’21 – Jun ’22
Office Manager Elisa Repo, Jan ’22 – Dec ’22
B-40 Dwinelle Hall Hongling Liao, Jan ’22 – Jan ’23
(510)877-4002 x11 Gilsun Song, Mar ’22 – Mar ’23
o_garcia@berkeley.edu Liping Zhang, Aug ’22 – Jul ’23