Recording Studio

In addition to supporting the learning and teaching of heritage and foreign languages, the recording studio’s services are available to the entire campus and public. Clients include: UCOP, Hearst Museum, Graduate Division, ETS, Cal Performances, National Public Radio, BBC, Enfoque Nacional, CBS radio. Services include:

Audio Recording:

  • Multitrack production specializing in instructional materials, voice overs, podcasts, etc.
  • Onsite recording anywhere on campus for lecture series, events, panels, etc.
  • Tape sync available for remote clients (call-in or Skype).

Media transfer and digitization:

  • Analog tape – 1/2″ and 1/4″ reel to reel; cassette
  • Digital media – DAT, MiniDisc, CD
  • Video tape – DV, Hi8, VHS
  • Audio restoration and analysis

Media mass duplication – DVD, CD

Equipment Loans and Rentals:

  • Zoom H4 audio recorder

Production Equipment Used:

  • Converters: Apogee Symphony, Metric Halo
  • Software: Pro Tools, Logic, iZotope RX, Audition
  • Microphones: Neumann U87i, AKG C451E, Sennheiser MD421, ME40, and more
  • Tape machines: Ampex ATR-100 (1/4” full or 2 track and 1/2” 4 track) reel to reel; Nakamichi MR-1 Cassette deck
  • Analog front-end: Auditronics 8 channel console, Amek 9098 EQ/pre, UREI LA-4

Contact Keith Hernandez, Recording Studio Manager, for scheduling and rates. (510) 877-4002 ext. 12 or e-mail.