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27th Conference on Spanish in the US & 12th Conference on Spanish in Contact with Other Languages

Every two years, the Conference on Spanish in the US is held jointly with the Conference on Spanish in Contact with Other Languages. Scholars from fields related to the Spanish language, such as linguistics, sociology, anthropology, education, and legal studies, come together to share their research. Conference attendance and participation have continuously grown, signally high…

CONFERENCE: Linguistic Landscape 7, May 7-9, 2015

Questioning Boundaries, Opening Spaces Advancing New Topics, Methods, and Applications   Registration required. Download LL7 program as a PDF May 7-9, 2015 Morning Plenaries: 2060 VLSB, Breakout sessions: 33 Dw, B4 Dw, B37 Dw. May 7th Plenary May 8th Plenary

Lecture by Elana Shohamy, March 14, 2014

Linguistic Landscape: A tool for documenting, analyzing and contesting societies and their complexities Elana Shohamy, Professor, Tel Aviv University Linguistic Landscape (LL) refers to languages displayed in public spaces on signs, advertisements, instructions, buildings, streets and billboards, etc. ‘Language’ within LL refers not only to written forms but also to other sources that interact in…

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Localizing the Transdisciplinary in Practice: A Teaching Account of a Prototype Undergraduate Seminar on Linguistic Landscape

Building upon paradigms of language and languaging practices as local phenomena (Canagarajah, 2013; Pennycook, 2010, Pietikäinen & Kelly-Holmes, 2013), this paper narrates a teacher’s experience in an undergraduate seminar in applied language studies as an exploration in transdisciplinarity-as-localization. Taught by the author in 2012-2013, the seminar was intended as an introduction to the politics of societal multilingualism as visible in the linguistic landscape of public texts. As such, it relied upon ...