Recording Studio

The BLC Recording Studio offers the following services:

Multitrack audio recording in the studio or anywhere on campus (specializing in voice)

Analog to digital transfers (reel to reel, vinyl, cassette)

Digital media transfers (DAT, MiniDisc, CD)

Audio restoration and analysis

DV, Hi8, and VHS video tape transfer to digital

Media duplication (DVD and CD)

Production Equipment Used:
Converters: Metric Halo ULN-2
Software: Pro Tools, Logic, RX2
Microphones: U87i, AKG C451E, Sennheiser MD421, ME40, and more
Tape machines: Otari MTR10, Ampex ATR-100s (1/4” full and 2 track, and 1/2” 4 track), Otari MX5050 with 2 and 4 track heads, Sony TC 850 with vari-speed & multi-track head, and Nakamichi tape decks
Analog frontend: Audiotronics 8 channel console, Amek 9098 EQ/pre, UREI LA-4 (black and silver face)
Turntables: Technics Quartz SL1200 with filter, Rek-O-Kut with vari-speed

Equipment Loans and Rentals:
Zoom H4 audio recorders
Zoom Q3HD and Flip video recorders
Legacy: DAT and MiniDisc recorders; Sony and Marantz cassette decks; and DV and Hi8 video recorders

Clients: In addition to serving UC’s language, linguistic, and archival transfer needs, other clients include: UCOP, Hearst Museum, Graduate Division, ETS, Cal Performances, National Public Radio Enfoque Nacional, CBS

Contact: Keith Hernandez, Studio Supervisor, 510-877-4002 ext. 12 or e-mail