Studio for Instructors

The BLC Recording Studio offers professional quality audio and video recording services and technical support to all language instructors at no cost.

Services and resources include:

  • Production of professional quality audio and video teaching materials (e.g. recording texts such as poetry and conversations; listening texts for assessment purposes; pronunciation guides). Service includes recording and editing.
  • Digitization of legacy teaching and research materials (reel to reel, cassette tape, VHS, DVD, etc.) to modern digital computer based file formats (mp4, wav, aac, mp3).
  • In class video capture for student presentations, self evaluation, etc.
  • Video conferencing space for presenting remotely at conferences; podcast or radio interviews; job talks and interviews, etc. Acoustically isolated, neutral background, lighting, and microphone.
  • Support of language-related research (e.g., recording interviews; fieldwork).
  • Consultation on research or teaching projects that might include the use of audio and/or video technology.
  • Assistance for students with media-based class projects (see also Undergraduate Language Student Services).

Contact Keith Hernandez, Recording Studio Manager, for scheduling. (510) 664-5186 or e-mail (link sends e-mail)