Fall 2023 Fellows:

Claire Tourmen

Claire Tourmen is a lecturer in the French Department. She has been trained in philosophy, political science, psychology and education and, prior to coming to Berkeley she worked for 10 years as an assistant professor of Education at the University of Burgundy in Dijon, France. In her research,  she specializes in the study of adult, vocational, and intercultural learning and training, with a constructivist lens. 

Nataliia Goshylyk

Nataliia Goshylyk came to Berkeley in 2021 as a Fulbright Research Scholar and since 2022 has been a Lecturer in Ukrainian at the Slavic Languages and Literatures Department, teaching language courses, as well as courses about Ukrainian culture, literature, history, environment and identity. She holds a PhD degree in Linguistics and for 10 years she was an Associate Professor in the English Philology Department at Precarpathian National University in Ukraine. 

Nataliia brings together her expertise in foreign languages teaching, sociolinguistics and Ukrainian studies to develop a Ukrainian program here at UC Berkeley. 

Yesenia Blanco

Yesenia Blanco is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese. Her dissertation examines revolution and figures at the margins of revolutionary projects in Iberian literary and cultural texts of the 1930s. At Berkeley, Yesenia has taught elementary and intermediate Spanish, Spanish for bilingual students, and an introduction to literary analysis. 

Spring 2024 Fellows:

Caroline Godard

Caroline Godard is a PhD candidate in French. Her dissertation studies the influence of historiography on the development of Renaissance French literature. She also works on feminist historiography and intellectual histories of the feminist movement. Caroline’s writing appears in LitHub, Post45: Contemporaries, Public Books, and Early Modern French Studies.

Cristina Farronato

Cristina Farronato, PhD is a Lecturer in the Department of Italian Studies. Before coming to Berkeley, she was Assistant Professor at Colgate University and at USC. Her research interests are in applied linguistics, second language learning, cinema, and semiotics. She is the author of a book on Umberto Eco.

Oliver Whitmore

Oliver Whitmore is a PhD candidate in the Romance Languages & Literatures program. His dissertation seeks to implement a framework to study dialectology among communities engaged in the revitalization of post-vernacular languages, such as Occitan. He has recently taught the following courses: Romance Linguistics, French Phonology & Dialectology, and Language Revitalization.