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When you give to the Berkeley Language Center Fund
you support the learning and teaching of 59 languages at UC Berkeley!

Founded in 1994, the Berkeley Language Center (BLC) is housed in the Division of the Arts and Humanities of the College of Letters and Sciences. The BLC is a vibrant community that engages with faculty, graduate students and undergraduates to advance its central mission: to support the learning and teaching of world languages on the Berkeley campus and beyond. To realize this mission, we:

  • Support research in applied linguistics, pedagogy, and second language acquisition and its dissemination through conferences and professional journals, including the L2 Journal, an open-access, fully refereed interdisciplinary journal.
  • Provide innovative teaching materials, such as Lumiere, a film clip library used around the world, and opportunities to produce new materials.
  • Host professional talks and conferences to engage with new developments, such as the use of machine translation in language education, digital literacies, and translanguaging
  • Celebrate the importance of multilingualism and multiculturalism through special-events such as the annual Words in Action: A Multilingual Student Performance
  • Contribute to language preservation, including indigenous languages of California by supporting the work of the California Language Archive

Your contributions support all of these programs and many more! 

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