Emily A. Hellmich

Job title: 
Associate Director
Berkeley Language Center

Emily A. Hellmich (PhD) is Associate Director of the Berkeley Language Center. Dr. Hellmich completed her PhD in Education at the University of California, Berkeley in 2017 and her MA in French Cultural Studies at Columbia University in 2010. Before coming back to Berkeley, she was Assistant Professor of French & Second Language Acquisition and Teaching at the University of Arizona. Dr. Hellmich’s research focuses on the intersection of globalization, digital technology, and language education, with recent publications in journals such as CALICO, Computer-Assisted Language Learning, Foreign Language Annals, Second Language Research & Practice, and Alsic. Dr. Hellmich and Dr. Vinall's 2023 article "Student use and instructor beliefs: Machine translation in language education" won the Language Learning & Technology Dorothy Chun Best Journal Article. Her current research project, co-led with Dr. Kimberly Vinall, was awarded a 2023-2025 US Department of Education International Research Studies Grant.

In addition to her role as Associate Director of the Berkeley Language Center, Dr. Hellmich is also Co-Editor of the L2Journal.

Select Publications


Hellmich, E. A., & Vinall, K. Student use and instructor beliefs: Machine translation in language education. Language Learning & Technology.


Vinall, K., & Hellmich, E.A. Do you speak translate?: Reflections on the nature and role of translation. L2 Journal, 14(1), 4-25.


Hellmich, E.A. Machine translation in foreign language writing: Student use to guide pedagogical practice. Alsic (La revue Apprentissage des langues et systèmes d'information et de communication).


Vinall, K., & Hellmich, E.A. Down the rabbit hole: Machine translation, metaphor, and instructor identity/agency. Second Language Research & Practice, 2(1), 99–118.


Hellmich, E.A. & Vinall, K. FL instructor beliefs about machine translation: ecological insights to guide research and practice. International Journal of Computer Assisted Language Learning and Teaching, 11(4), 1-18.


Hellmich, E.A., & Mouzet, A.M. Intégrer les cartes digitales SIG en classe de FLE : théorie et pratique. French Review, 95(1), 65-82.


Hellmich, E.A., Castek, J., Smith, B., Floyd, R., & Wen, W. Student perspectives on multimodal composing in the L2 classroom: Tensions with audience, media, learning, and sharing. English Teaching: Practice & Critique, 20(2), 210-226.


Hellmich, E.A. Dresser un pont: la compétence sémiotique comme lien entre la littérature et le numérique. The French Review, 94(1), 109-125.



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