Oct 14, 2021: Studying Languages Abroad

September 30, 2021

Information Session:

Studying Languages Abroad

Panel Participants:

Jeroen Dewulf, Faculty Academic Director, Berkeley Study Abroad

Barbara Tassielli, Assistant Director of Advising, Study Abroad

Darin Menlove, Vice Dean, Berkeley Summer Sessions & Study Abroad

Breanne Tcheng, Global Internships Program Coordinator

Milan Filo, Virtual Internship Participant

Alexander Tan, Summer Abroad Program Coordinator

We invite faculty, students, and advisors to participate in this information session to learn about the state of study abroad at UC Berkeley, with a particular focus on programs that support language learning and cultural engagement as well as virtual options. The programs that will be discussed include:

  • University of California Education Abroad Program (UCEAP)
  • Global Internship Programs (onsite and virtual)
  • Summer Abroad
  • Summer Abroad Programs offered by other UC Campuses
  • Independent Programs

In addition to learning about the many possibilities and benefits of study abroad, participants will also learn about academic credit, financial aid options, and resources. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions.

Friday, October 14, 2021
B-4 Dwinelle & via Zoom, 3-5 pm
This lecture is sponsored by the College of Letters and Science.

Information Session on Study Abroad, October 14, 2021