Nov 12, 2021: Heather Willis Allen

October 29, 2021

Moving Beyond Product, Process,  or Genre: A Design Orientation to L2 Writing Instruction

Heather Willis Allen

Associate Professor, French University of Wisconsin‐Madison

Writing’s role in daily communication has grown in recent years given increases in text messaging and multimodal online composing, and it also figures prominently in the 21st century literacies that students should develop. However, theorizing and educational practice related to second language (L2) writing in U.S. collegiate language programs have not kept pace. Whereas innovative writing pedagogies have been widely implemented in L2 contexts outside the U.S., American collegiate language educators have continued to overemphasize linguistic accuracy and to downplay the sociocultural and cognitive dimensions of writing. This presentation draws on insights from New Literacy Studies and L2 writing scholarship and views writing as a multifaceted act of communication that must be developed from the early stages of language acquisition and integrated through explicit instruction in language, literature, and cultural studies courses. Building on the concept of meaning design as the foundational element of L2 communication, I will articulate five principles of a Design orientation to teaching writing and will demonstrate through pedagogical examples how this framework is a compelling one for L2 writing instruction today. 

Friday, November 12, 2021
B‐4 Dwinelle,   3‐5 pm 
This lecture is sponsored by the College of Letters and Science.

Lecture by Heather Willis Allen, November 12, 2021