Principles of Community

The BLC commits to creating spaces where all feel welcome and to engaging in institutional practices that reflect the values of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

The BLC commits to inclusive and equitable opportunities for all. A key part of this commitment is to explore the diverse understandings of equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging from the perspective of different languages and cultural positionalities. We recognize that this is a continual process that involves critical engagement and dialogue as we examine our own perspectives—and their underlying historical, political, and socioeconomic situatedness—and reaffirm our openness to the perspectives of all of the members of our community. 

The BLC commits to linguistic justice for all. We stand in solidarity with those who face physical and symbolic violence based on the language(s) they speak, recognizing that this linguistic violence is frequently accompanied by other forms of systemic discrimination (e.g., race, class, gender, sexual orientation).  

The BLC commits to supporting and celebrating multilingualism and multiculturalism. We recognize and value the richness of perspectives, the complexity of identity formations, and the varied linguistic repertoires of the members of our community as we strive to promote openness and intercultural understanding.

The BLC commits to supporting and promoting the use of inclusive language in all forms of communication, in all communicative contexts, and in all languages so that everyone can fully express their identities. We recognize that sometimes language change has produced multiple versions of inclusive language and therefore we do not prescribe one form, but recognize all. 

The BLC commits to seeking and encouraging sustainable practices. We recognize the disastrous effects of our activities on the environment, which are disproportionately experienced in areas of the world that use the least resources.