Mission and Vision

Founded in 1994, the Berkeley Language Center (BLC) is a unit in the Division of Arts and Humanities of the College of Letters and Science. We are a community of instructors and learners (lecturers, staff, graduate students, undergraduate students, senate faculty, K-12 teachers, and community members) dedicated to the teaching and learning of languages and cultures. At the core of our mission is the commitment to recognizing and supporting multilingualism and multiculturalism on the UC Berkeley campus, in the University of California system, and beyond. 

To fulfill this mission, the BLC:

  • Provides opportunities to engage with new developments in language pedagogy, second language acquisition theory, applied linguistics, and sociolinguistics;
  • Supports applied language studies and world languages education research and its dissemination at professional meetings and in professional journals and to the wider public;
  • Supports the production of new language/culture learning materials and the design of innovative curricula;
  • Provides state-of-the-art learning facilities and equipment;
  • Provides preservation of / access to language and culture learning materials and resources.