Summer Film Fellows, September 15, 2023


Film in the Language/Culture Curriculum

Mark Kaiser – BLC Associate Director Emeritus
Maya Sidhu – Continuing Lecturer, French Department

Ambika Athreya (German), Myrna Douzjian (Armenian), Nathalie Khankan (Arabic), David Kyeu (Swahili), Natalya Nielsen (Swedish), Oksana Willis (Russian)

Led by Mark Kaiser (BLC Associate Director Emeritus) and Maya Sidhu (Continuing Lecturer, French Department), the six speakers participated in the 2023 Summer Film during which they designed a lesson plan for classroom use based on clips they cut from films in Lumière (the Berkeley Language Center Library of Film & Clips). In this roundtable, they will informally share their learning goals and a sample activity from their lesson plans. They will also reflect on the process itself and their explorations of the potential of film as text to engage learners in analyzing meaning making processes through language, genre, representations of culture, and filmic devices.

With an interactive format, this roundtable presents learning opportunities for those who have never used film clips and, for those who have used film clips, space to contribute your own insights as we explore together the possibilities of film in the language / culture classroom. 

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September 15, 2023
B-4 Dwinelle Hall & Zoom

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