Found in Translation: Maria Labarta, Nov. 12

Found in Translation (FIT) Working Group

Multilingual Translation of Figurative Language in Internet-TV-Series:
A Contrastive Approach

Maria Labarta Postigo

Professor, Faculty of Philology, Translation and Communication, University of Valencia, Spain

This paper analyzes and discusses the translation of figurative language in internet-TV-series. Today, technology and distribution networks make it possible to have access to original series from all over the world shortly after they come out. Besides dubbing, they are provided with multilingual translations using subtitles. I will focus on the translation of idioms from the original version (in English) in the subtitles in various languages (German, Norwegian, Spanish and Portuguese). My research analyzes a corpus of fictional drama and crime series offered by media service providers for the big and small screen. My goals are to shed light on the strategies used in the translation process, to compare translation outcomes across the languages I have analyzed, and to discuss how those translations affect reception and understanding by the audience.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019
12-1:30 pm, 33 Dwinelle Hall


 UC Berkeley
 in language, culture and
 cross-cultural communication. We invite you to join us! Refreshments and discussion to follow.  

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