DVDs Have Moved to the MRC

The BLC used to maintain a DVD collection that had grown to approximately 1800 items and which served as the initial source material for the LFLFC. On occasion, instructors would borrow these DVDs for classroom instruction or would take DVDs home to preview before use in class. When this practice began, circulation policies at the Media Resource Center were fairly restrictive, and so our service made life easier for instructors.

This past summer we decided to move the DVD collection to the MRC for many reasons: we ran out of space to store the collection; we have no mechanism for controlling circulation, and some DVDs have gone missing; many instructors were unaware of our holdings, which in many cases included DVDs not in the MRC. Moreover, the collection is available through the LFLFC and the MRC has modified its circulation policies, making it easier for instructors to check out DVDs for extended periods.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause some instructors, but for the general common good we believe that having the DVDs centrally located and available to both faculty and students is in everyone’s long term interest.