Which language is this?

This language …

… is an officially recognized language by a regional government;

… is spoken by nearly 80 million speakers, placing it in the top 20 of the most spoken languages in the world;

… has a 1000-year-old literature and has been designated a classical language by its national government;

… has been referred to as “the Italian of the East” due to its words all ending in vowels;

… is agglutinative, with an SOV syntactic structure;

… distinguishes between inclusive and exclusive pronouns, and marks 2nd and 3rd person pronouns with honorifics;

… uses a left-to-right syllabic writing system (60 symbols);

… has been heavily influenced by Arabic, Persian, Urdu, and Sanskrit;

… is one of the many languages taught at UC Berkeley!

And the answer is …. Telugu.