Newsletter: Fall 2006, Volume 22 Issue 1

The Fall 2006 issue of the BLC Newsletter leads with BLC Director Rick Kern’s prospective view of the Berkeley Language Center, notes from Associate Director Mark Kaiser, a profile of BLC Academic Coordinator Lisa Little, and BLC Fellows Reports from Pablo Baler (PhD Candidate, Spanish and Portuguese), Katra Anne Byram (PhD Candidate, German), David Divita (PhD Candidate, French), Eugenia Teytleman (PhD Candidate, Slavic Languages and Literatures), and Wakae Kambara (Lecturer, East Asian Languages and Cultures).

Rick Kern’s popular Did you know that. . . ? column discusses Berkeley’s tradition of studying California Indian Languages and the 2006 Breath of Life workshop in particular.

Download the Fall 2006 BLC Newsletter (1.5MB .pdf file)