Newsletter, Spring 2002, Volume 17, Issue 2

The spring 2002 BLC newsletter opened with a rousing discussion of the use of L1 in the foreign language classroom at UC Berkeley with language coordinators Jean Schultz, Armando Di Carlo, Lynne Frame, Rick Kern, Herminia Kerr, Lisa Little, Sam Mchombo, Kay Richards, and Clare You. Mark Kaiser’s Notes from the Associate Director followed. Sonia S’hiri (Lecturer and Arabic Language Program Coordinator) contributed Teaching Arabic at Berkeley. In addition to her outreach report, Jean Schultz (Lecturer and Language Coordinator, and BLC Academic Coordinator) offered her review of a seminal book by Kress and van Leeuwen. BLC Fellows’ Reports were by Amelia Barili (Lecturer, Spanish and Portuguese), Lynne Frame (Lecturer and Language Coordinator, German, Josephine Kelso (PhD candidate, Education), Sarah C. Roberts (PhD candidate, French), and Karina Sliwinski (PhD candidate, German). Lecturers Luh Hsyng (East Asian Languages and Cultures) and Susan F. Kepner (South and Southeast Asian Studies) reported on conferences they attended.

Download the Spring 2002 BLC Newsletter (574.64 KB .pdf file)