Apr 26, 2024: Spring BLC Fellows Forum

April 12, 2024

Instructional Development Research Projects

Untranslatability and Transposition: Enhancing Italian Language Learning through the Challenges of Translation

Cristina Farronato

Lecturer, Italian Studies

This presentation will focus on the importance of the role of translation in the language classroom. It will show how in today’s multilingual classes instructors can use translation activities to break with the monolingual environment predicated by the communicative approach and to promote the crossing of linguistic boundaries and multimodality.

De-centering the Native Speaker in the L2 Creative Writing Classroom

Caroline Godard

Graduate Student, French

While scholars have identified techniques for deconstructing the “native speaker” in writing-based courses, less has been done to apply these insights to creative writing. In this presentation, I share how L2 creative writing can reveal an alternative to the “native speaker” construct that centers students’ reflections on the relationship between their languages and identities.

Raising Awareness of Contemporary Occitan among Learners of French

Oliver Whitmore

Graduate Student, French

In this presentation, I describe lessons which introduce students to the linguistic and cultural diversity of France through the minority language of Occitan. Developed with input from the Occitan community, the lessons challenge students to ask why these stories go untold in France’s national language. 

Friday, April 26, 2024
B-4 Dwinelle & via Zoom, 3-5 pm
This lecture is sponsored by the College of Letters and Science.

Spring Fellows Forum, April 26, 2024