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Lecture by William Hanks, October 13, 2006

Joint Commitment and Common Ground in a Maya Ritual Event by William Hanks, Professor of Social, Cultural and Linguistic Anthropology, Department of Anthropology, UC Berkeley Social interaction both presupposes and produces common ground between interactants, in the form of knowledge and perceptual access that the participants share, or come to share, in the course of…

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Unraveling the Affordances of ‘Silas Marner’ in a Japanese University EFL Context

Graded readers, simplified versions of literature and other texts at graduated levels of difficulty, are widely employed in contexts of foreign language pedagogy and are widely considered to be a form of written-language input ostensibly suitable for a wide array of developmental stages. However, the efficacy of graded readers is not unchallenged, among which criticisms is that the language in a graded work of literature is, by nature, aesthetically inert and inauthentic, in comparison to the original. Still, from an L2 literacies-development perspective, could one not justifiably accept that aesthetic impoverishment and inauthenticity are reasonable, perhaps also unavoidable, compromises? Practically, what, for example, could a typical intermediate-level ...