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« Si la personne peut me comprendre, pourquoi c’est un débat ? » : Teaching sociolinguistic variation through French phonetics

According to Milroy (2006: 134), language standardization typically fosters a "consciousness among speakers of a ‘correct’, or canonical, form of language" (134). This goes hand in hand with ideologically-motivated judgments of divergent speech and its implications for cultural belonging or morality (Woolard & Shieffelin 1994: 60, Trotter 2006: 2-5). In contemporaryFrancophonie, ideologies that privilege standardized…

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Teaching Difficult Topics: The Example of the Algerian War

While history as critical discourse differs importantly from the more subjective narratives of collective memory, even historians vary in their accounts and analyses of past events. This article argues for the need to include a spectrum of voices and text types when teaching history in the context of foreign language study...