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Workshop & Lecture by Steven Thorne & Scott Payne, April 28, 2006

Workshop: A Practical Introduction to the Use of Corpora Lecture: Corpus Linguistics and Language Development: Research, Assessment, and Pedagogical Innovation Steven Thorne, Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics and Applied Languages Studies, The Pennsylvania State Univeristy, Pennsylvania Scott Payne, Assistant Director, Center for Language Acquisition for Technology and Research, The Pennsylvania State University, Pennsylvania WORKSHOP: In…

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Using a Corpus-Informed Pedagogical Intervention to Develop Language Awareness toward Appropriate Lexicogrammatical Choices

The corpus-informed pedagogical intervention described in this article was developed for an advanced English as a Second Language (ESL) course designed for prospective International Teaching Assistants (ITAs) and implemented over the course of two class periods. Its primary goal was to offer students opportunities to gain language awareness of “smallwords” (Hasselgren, 2002b), with the broader goal of ...