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Lecture by Dorothy Chun, November 9, 1999

Web-Based Language Instruction: Enhanced Multi-Media Learning Environment or Cognitive Overload? by Dorothy Chun, Associate Professor of German , University of California at Santa Barbara.

Colloquium: Technology, Language and Literacy

The purpose of this colloquium is to initiate a discussion on some of the issues raised by the use of computer technology for the development of literacy, be it in a first or in a second language. What kinds of formal and contextual constraints does the medium impose on the creation of texts? What kind…

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Online Arabic Language Learning: What Happens After?

Learning Arabic, a category IV less commonly taught language, can be a daunting task even with the luxury of a five-day per week schedule, good teachers, office hours, and solid learning materials. This study reports on the successes and challenges of teaching Arabic within a distance-learning environment. ...