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Workshop on Lumiere: Using Film to Teach, September 30, 2021

Pre-workshop Forum: “BLC Summer Fellows Forum: Film in the Language Curriculum” Friday, September 24; 3-5pm (Zoom recording) WORKSHOP: Lumière: Using Film to Teach Language, Culture, and Semiosis In this workshop we will discuss the use of authentic (i.e., intended for native speakers) video in the foreign language curriculum. After considering more general issues (e.g., comprehension and […]

BLC Summer Fellows Forum, September 24, 2021

Film in the Language Curriculum The six speakers on this panel participated in a month-long summer project in which they each designed three lesson plans for classroom use based on clips they created from the foreign language films in Lumière (the Berkeley Language Center Library of Film & Clips). These lesson plans include learning goals, […]

BLC Open House, September 29, 2021

Open House& Mark’s Retirement Party Please join us in bidding Mark Kaiser farewell and welcoming our new BLC Executive Director Kimberly Vinall. Wednesday, September 29 3:30 – 5:30 pm, Ishi Court Please RSVP HERE by 9/24

BLC Lecture Series, Fall 2021

BLC Summer Fellows Forum: Film in the Language Curriculum Nikolaus Euba – GermanVesna Rodic – FrenchChika Shibahara – JapaneseDonna Southard – SpanishJason Vivrette – TurkishLihua Zhang – Chinese Friday, September 24, 3-5pm Zoom Session BLC Panel: Study Abroad in a Post-Pandemic World Dan Davidson – American CouncilsGlenn Levine – UC IrvineKim Morris – University of […]

Lectures by BLC Fellows (Bonicatto, Beitler, De Luca) April 30, 2021

Spring 2021 BLC Fellows ForumInstructional Development Research Projects Exploring Culture through Definitions of WordsLaura Sacia Bonicatto, Lecturer, GermanThis project focuses on using comparative definition activities to help students build an awareness of the cultural bias associated with key terms. Through cross-linguistic comparisons and historical analyses of definitions in the German Duden dictionary, students gain both […]

Lecture by Rodney Jones, March 12, 2021

Rodney Jones, Professor of Sociolinguistics, University of Reading Digital Literacies and Synthetic Embodiment: The Ethics of Mimicry on TikTok This talk focuses on the ways new practices of synthetic embodiment made possible by digital technologies change people’s relationship with the voices and bodily performances of others, and the implications of such changes for their understanding […]

Lecture by David Laurence, February 11, 2021

David LaurenceRetired Director of Research, Modern Language Association The Humanities: What now? What next? This presentation and conversation will explore three much-discussed problems: (1) the problem of adjunct labor and PhD employment; (2) the flight of undergraduates out of humanities baccalaureate programs since 2012; and (3) curriculum and (as I term it) the problem of […]

BLC Spring Lecture Series, Spring 2021

The Humanities: What now? What next? David Laurence, Director (Retired) of Research, Modern Language AssociationThursday, February 11, 3-5pm Digital Literacies and Synthetic Embodiment: The Ethics of Mimicry on TikTok Rodney Jones, Professor of Sociolinguistics, University of Reading, UKFriday, March 12, 3-5pm Reflections on Teaching the Conflicts in Foreign Language Classes Rutie Adler – Lecturer, Near […]

Lectures by BLC Fellows (Khankan, Weiher, DeWaele, Ko), December 4, 2020

Fall 2020 BLC FellowsInstructional Development Research Projects Affective Listening: Towards Tarab in the Arabic Language Classroom Nathalie Khankan, Lecturer, Near Eastern StudiesThis project centers on ritual listening to Arabic songs. Borrowing from the notion of “ṭarab” or ‘enchantment’ in Arabic musical culture, ritual listening taps into the affective-subjective dimensions of language learning. During a semester of remote instruction, ritual […]

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