Events at the BLC


Lecture by Gilberte Furstenberg, October 18, 2002

Redefining the Teaching of Culture: The Pedagogy of Electronic Media by Gilberte Furstenberg, Senior Lecturer in French, Foreign Languages and Literatures, MIT Gilberte Furstenberg will present Cultura, and NEH-funded project designed to develop students’ in-depth understanding of another culture.  She will demonstrate an innovative methodology that uses the Web to foster cross-cultural understanding and collaboration […]

Lecture by Gaudalupe Valdes, September 13, 2002

Teaching the Commonly Taught Languages as Heritage Languages: Questions and Continuing Dilemmas by Guadalupe Valdes, Professor, Department of Spanish & Portuguese, Stanford University This presentation will offer a brief overview of the linguistic and educational conditions that gave rise to the focus on the teaching of heritage languages within the foreign language profession in the […]

Lectures by BLC Fellows (D. Petterson, D. Wacks, C. Warner)

Instructional Development Research Projects   Expanding Extensive Reading in the French 2 Curriculum David Petterson, French L2 Production and Immersion Simulation Software: The Next (Proficiency-Based) Generation David Wacks, Spanish & Portuguese The Design and Implementation of Networked-Based Activities in the German 2 Classroom: A Pilot Project Chantelle Warner, German Friday, May 10, 2002 3-5pm, 370 […]

Lecture by Carl Blyth, April 19, 2002

Representing Language Use for Foreign Language Learners: Contributions of the Native, the Near-native, and the Non-native by Carl Blyth, University of Texas, Austin Friday, April 19, 2002

Colloquium on the OPI (R. Clifford, J. Phillips, B. Rifkin, R. Salaberry, C. Thompson, L. van Lier)

OPI Colloquium   Proficiency/ Performance/ Achievement Testing Ray Clifford, Defense Language Institute, Monterey OPI and the Foreign Language Standards June Phillips, Weber State University, Utah The ACTFL OPI and Oral Proficiency Guidelines as a Framework for Curricular Planning: The Lesson; the Instructional Unit; the Semester; the Program Ben Rifkin, University of Wisconsin The Validation Process […]

Lecture by Norman Fairclough, February 12, 2002

Critical Discourse Analysis in Social Research by Norman Fairclough, Lancaster University, United Kingdom In this lecture I will discuss the case for a discourse analytical focus in contemporary social research, especially research on social change directed at such themes as ‘Globalization’ and ‘New Capitalism.’  I shall present and illustrate a version of ‘Critical Discourse Analysis,’ […]

Lectures by BLC Fellows (S. Roberts, K. Sliwinski, A. Barili, J. Kelso, L. Frame)

Instructional Development Research Projects   Using Drama to Enhance Language Learning in Second-Year French Sarah Roberts, GSR, French Researching the Role of Performance in the Teaching of Durrenmatt’s ‘Der Besuch derr alten Dame’ in German 3 Karina Sliwinski, GSR, German Teaching Grammar and Composition to Advance Spanish Students: A Method that Works Amelia Barili, Lecturer, […]

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