Events at the BLC


Workshop on Professional Development, June 23-27, 2003

Professional Development Workshop: Discourse and Culture in Language Study Speakers: Robin Lakoff, UC Berkeley Heidi Byrnes, Georgetown University Anthony Liddicoat, Australia Monday-Friday, Juen 23-27, 2003 Geballe Room, Townsend Center for the Humanitites, 220 Stephens Hall

Lectures by BLC Fellows (M. Lowry, L. Nelson, M. Wellmon)

Instructional Development Research Projects   A Spoonful of Films Makes the Literature Go Down: Supplementing French 3 Cirriculum with Filmic Texts Martin Lowry, GSR, Fench This project hopes to capitalize on the semiotic sophistication of students raised in our current film culture.  Rather than reading only written texts, students in this course will be encouraged […]

Lecture by Tim McNamara, April 14, 2003

Tearing us Apart Again: the Paradigm Wars and the Search for Validity by Tim McNamara, University of Melbourne Language testing research is an increasingly divided field, as it responds to the paradigm shifts in broader applied linguistics research.  On the one hand, language testing validation research places a fundamental emphasis on the generalizability of results […]

Colloquium on Language, Identity and Change in the Modern Arab World: Implications for the Study of Language and Culture, April 4-5, 2003 (C. Holes, I. Muhawi, M. Al-Batal, L. Sarraoub, M. Eid, J. Hayes, S. S’hiri, K. Walters, M. Cooperson)

Colloquium: Language, Identity and Change in the Modern Arab World: Implications for the Study of Language and Culture   Social History, Political History, and Dialect Prestige in the Arab World: The Cases of Bahrain, Jordan and Iraq Clive Holes, Oxford University UniversityNegotiating Diaspora: Translation and the Language of Exile Ibrahim Muhawi, Edinburgh Identity and Language […]

Lecture by Dan Slobin, March 10, 2003

How People Talk About Motion Events: Some Cognitive and Communicative Consequences of Linguistic Typology by Dan I. Slobin, UC Berkeley Friday, March 10, 2003 3:00 – 5:00 pm, 370 Dwinelle Hall

Lecture by Fred Genesee, February 7, 2003

Portrait of the Bilingual Child by Fred Genesee, Professor in Psychology, McGill University Researchers/theoreticians, professionals, and laypersons alike often view the simultaneous acquisition of two languages during the pre-school years with reservation and outright apprehension because it is thought to exceed the language learning capacity of the young child and, thus, to incur potential costs, […]

Lectures by BLC Fellows (Daniel, Dimitriou, Short, Templeman, Wellmon)

Instructional Development Research Projects   Interactional Patterns in Web-based Writing of Foreign Language Students Paige Daniel, Education This study raises questions about the potential of the electronic medium to promote cross-cultural communicative competence.  Students carry different perceptions of their purposes and roles into telecollaborative language exchanges that come to bear on the ways in which […]

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