BLC Fall 2023 Event Series

Film in the Language/Culture Curriculum

Mark Kaiser – Retired BLC Associate Director
Maya Sidhu – Continuing Lecturer, French Department

Ambika Athreya (German)
Myrna Douzjian (Armenian)
Nathalie Khankan (Arabic)
David Kyeu (Swahili)
Natalya Nielsen (Swedish)
Oksana Willis (Russian)

Friday, September 15, 3-5pm, B-4 Dwinelle & Zoom

Responding to the “Arrival”: Essential Background Information and Strategies for Language Instructors in the Age of Human-Like Language Technologies (Machine Translation and Large Language Models)

Joel Walsh, Software Engineer, Privateer Space

Thursday, October 12, 3-5pm, B-4 Dwinelle & Zoom

Creating Instructional Materials to Develop AI Literacies

Dr. Joel Walsh, Dr. Emily Hellmich, Dr. Kimberly Vinall

Friday, October 13, 10-12pm, B-21 Dwinelle

Toward Justice in Study Abroad, Intercultural Learning, and Language Education

Janice McGregor, Assistant Professor of German Studies and SLAT, University of Arizona

Friday, November 3, 3-5pm, B-4 Dwinelle & Zoom

BLC Fellows Forum:
Instructional Development Research Projects

Nataliia Goshylyk – Lecturer, Slavic Languages & Cultures
Claire Tourmen – Lecturer, Department of French
Yesenia Blanco – GSR, Department of Spanish & Portuguese

Friday, December 1, 3-5pm, B-4 Dwinelle & Zoom

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The BLC Lecture Series is sponsored by the College of Letters & Science.
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