Fall Fellows Forum, December 2, 2022

Fall 2022 BLC Fellows Forum
Instructional Development Research Projects

North African Arabic Language Course
Amel Belguith, Lecturer, Middle Eastern Languages & Cultures
This presentation outlines a course designed to teach North African Arabic, with an emphasis on Moroccan Arabic, for students who know Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and are interested in pursuing further study in Arabic or a career in politics or international relations. In addition to providing students with a different cultural experience, learning Moroccan Arabic allows them to engage in everyday conversations and access TV shows, movies, and books. Sample activities will be discussed as well as course design principles.
Download Belguith handout as a PDF

Imagined Nordic Communities: Critical Conversations about Race in Nordic Language Studies
Natalya Nielsen, GSR, Scandinavian
UC Berkeley students often come into Nordic language classrooms with strong associations of this region with whiteness. Because commonly used Nordic language textbooks do little to challenge this coupling of nationality and race (besides at best a shallow kind of multiculturalism), the modules developed for this project aim to help students think critically about race, indigeneity, belonging, and identity in a Nordic context. This project provides ideas for all teachers on implementing a critical race pedagogy into their language classrooms.
Download Nielsen handout as a PDF

Introducing Gender Neutrality in Italian Language Pedagogy
Simo Cocco, GSR, Italian Studies
(To be presented in Spring 2023)

Friday, December 2, 2022
B-4 Dwinelle Hall & Zoom