Conversation with Claire Kramsch and Mairi McLaughlin, March 30th, 2022

The Future of Translation in Higher Education

Join Claire Kramsch in conversation with Mairi McLaughlin and contributors (Sara Laviosa, Emily Linares, Lucía Pintado-Gutiérrez) to discuss a new special issue of L2 Journal on “The Future of Translation in Higher Education.” The special issue is a direct response to the flurry of publications which over the last two decades have highlighted and explored the value of translation as a pedagogical tool in modern language learning. In a now oft-cited early example, Cook (2007, p. 396) decried the marginality of translation in “mainstream applied linguistic and English language teaching theory” and called for a return to translation both in the language classroom and as a “major topic for applied linguistic research.” How has his call been heeded in world language education research and practice? Has translation, once decried as an infamous grammar-translation approach to teaching world languages, made a comeback in the language classroom?

Wednesday, March 30, 2022
10-11am, via Zoom (registration required)

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