BLC Spring 2022 Lecture Series

Academic Podcasting, Public Scholarship, and Professional Networks

Stacey Margarita Johnson – Assistant Director, Center for Teaching, Vanderbilt University
Friday, January 28, 3-5pm, via Zoom

Producing Podcasts in the Classroom

Keith Hernandez – BLC Recording Technician
Kimberly Vinall – BLC Executive Director
Thursday, February 3, 3-4:30pm, B-3 Dwinelle & via Zoom

Do You Speak Translate? A Conversation about Machine Translation and Language Education

Claire Kramsch – Professor Emerita, L2 Journal Editor, UC Berkeley
Emily Hellmich – Assistant Professor, University of Arizona
Kimberly Vinall – BLC Executive Director
Monday, February 7, 12-1pm, via Zoom

Translating Google Translate into Classroom Practices

Claire Knowles – Instructor, Motlow State Community College
Jason Jolley – Professor, Missouri State University
Luciane Maimone – Assistant Professor, Missouri State University
Laurence Denié-Higney – Senior Lecturer, UC Los Angeles
Vera Klekovkina – Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Young Ae Kim – Assistant Professor, Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center
Jieun Ryu – Director, Critical Languages Program, University of Arizona
Thursday, February 24, 3-5pm, via Zoom

From Disrupted Classrooms to Human-Machine Collaboration? The Pocket Calculator, Google Translate, and the Future of Language Education

Per Urlaub – Associate Professor, Middlebury
Eva Dessein – Visiting Assistant Professor, Middlebury
Friday, March 4, 3-5pm, B-4 Dwinelle & via Zoom

Critical Race Pedagogy for Antiracist, Equity-Minded, and Inclusive Language Teaching

Uju Anya – Associate Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
Friday, April 8, 3-5pm, via Zoom

BLC Fellows Forum – Instructional Development Research Projects

Sabrina Jaszi – GSR, Slavic Languages & Literatures
Gabriella Licata – GSR, Spanish & Portuguese
Zhonghua Wang – GSR, Italian Studies
Friday, April 29, 3-5pm, B-4 Dwinelle & via Zoom

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The BLC Lecture Series is sponsored by the College of Letters & Science.
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