Welcome to Maris Saagpakk!

Color photograph of Maris Saagpakk

Maris Saagpakk, Associate Professor of German Cultural History and Literature at Tallinn University (Estonia) will be a Fulbright Scholar at the BLC for five months. Professor Saagpakk’s research interests include Culture and Literature Didactics, Baltic German Culture and History, German Literature, and methods of foreign language teaching. During her stay, she will be working under the supervision of Professor Emerita Claire Kramsch on the project “Conceptualising Multilingual Foreign Language Education.” The aim of the project is to map and develop the techniques and strategies used for strengthening the students’ metalinguistic awareness, as well as to describe ways of turning the foreign language classroom into a space that fosters trans-cultural re-negotiation processes. Professor Saagpakk arrives November 3 and is looking forward to meeting members of the BLC community.