Lectures by BLC Fellows (Melnikova, Lau-Preechathammarach, Llagas, Palau), Dec 3, 2021

Fall 2021 BLC Fellows Forum
Instructional Development Research Projects

Course Innovation of Hindi 101A (Readings in Modern Hindi Literature)
Nora Melnikova, Lecturer, South & Southeast Asian Studies
In this presentation I share an innovative reworking of a literature reading course designed for medium-high to advanced-high speakers of Hindi. The objective was to shift the curricular focus towards a curriculum that supports the development of critical thinking skills and deeper understandings of historical and societal processes through literary analysis as facilitated by a dialogic pedagogy. 

Developing a Toolkit for Language Revitalization: An Interactive Meeramuni Website
Raksit Lau-Preechathammarach, GSR, Linguistics
Language revitalization is a multifaceted endeavor that must ultimately be community-driven. One barrier can be the lack of accessibility to resources for those who wish to contribute. I present a language/culture learning website for Meeramuni, an endangered Yaeyaman language spoken in the southern Ryukyu Islands in Japan. The website contains prototypes of lessons, stories, games, media, and other tools. I present documentation and templates both for community members to take charge of expanding the website and for those who wish to adapt these resources to other languages.
Download Raksit’s handout as a PDF

Proverbs & the Role of Image-Making and Word-Play in the Filipino Language Classroom
Karen Llagas, Lecturer, South & Southeast Asian Studies
This BLC project explores how proverbs and word play cultivate symbolic competency and create a more imaginative and dynamic language learning experience in the Intermediate Filipino classroom.  While proverbs can be seen as “received” wisdom from oral traditions, they can also be employed and interrogated to enrich critical and creative thinking skills. The pilot attests to how proverbs can productively frame students’ engagement with themes such as issues of justice and equality, and individual and collective identity.

Beyond Bilingual:Translanguaging Experiments in a Reading & Composition (R&C) Course at an Aspiring Hispanic-Serving Institution
Karina Palau
, Lecturer, Comparative Literature
What happens when we re-envision a bilingual Spanish-English, R&C course as an opportunity to recognize students’ unbordered language identities and value their dynamic languaging practices? This project proposes interventions at the level of course design and classroom activities to enhance student experiences and meet curricular goals at a critical turning point in the University’s mission to become a “Latinx-thriving campus.” I propose that reaching beyond a bilingual framework to a translanguaging one has the potential to foster a sense of belonging for Spanish-speakers of all levels and produce improved learning outcomes by deepening students’ awareness of language(s)-in-use.
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Friday, December 3, 2021

B-4 Dwinelle & via Zoom (register here), 3-5 pm

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