Found in Translation: Nataliia Goshylyk, Nov. 23

Personal Narratives of Ecolinguistic
Identity for a Sustainable Future

Found in Translation: Nataliia Goshylyk, Nov. 23


Associate Professor, English Philology Department
Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine)

The project attempts to bring together the materials on ecolinguistic identity, which is understood as expressing ecological identity in media discourse, with a focus on sustainable development discourse as its content frame. It will highlight social media contexts and consequences for ecolinguistic identity and the significance of public sphere representations in reflecting and shaping ecolinguistic identifications and relations. The analysis of data will include: identification of issues considered to be “sustainable” by Americans; exposure of the ways in which these issues are cognitively construed and manifested with language; establishing the role of sociolinguistic factors (the speakers’ social status, religious background, ethnicity, race, education, gender, and age) in manifesting ecolinguistic identity or not manifesting it, or putting it into practice; analyzing individual exposure of ecolinguistic identity and the differences between its online and offline realities, which are intertwined and may lead to historic change.

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