Found in Translation: Maria Labarta Postigo, Nov. 16

The Berkeley Language CenterCordially Invites You to the Upcoming Meeting of Its

Found in Translation (FIT) Working Group

The Translation of English Idioms in Subtitles: Español (España), Español (Latinoamérica), Português (Brasil), Português (Portugal)


Professor, Faculty of Philology, Translation and Communication 
University of Valencia, Spain

This paper analyzes the translation of figurative language from English to Spanish and Portuguese in internet-TV series, focusing on the translation of idioms from the original version in the subtitles in Spanish and Portuguese, and considering varieties of both languages. A corpus of four drama series offered by Netflix and Amazon Prime will be analyzed. The data are described from a cognitive and contrastive perspective, according to the methodology developed by the author (2020, 2021). The goals are to shed light on the strategies used in the translation process and to study the differences from a metaphorical and idiomatic point of view between the original dialogues and the translated subtitles for both Spain and Portugal and for America. The analysis results show that sometimes there are fewer differences between translations to Spanish and Portuguese than between varieties of the same language.

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Tuesday NOVEMBER 16,  2021  

12:00pm – 1:00pm PST

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