BLC Lecture Series, Fall 2020

Un-Boxing Gender: Toward Trans-Affirming L2 Pedagogies

Kris Knisely, Assistant Professor, French and Intercultural Competence, University of Arizona
September 11, 3-5 pm

Anniversary Panel for L2 Journal: What Should Be the Knowledge Base of Foreign Language Teachers in Higher Education?

Margot Szarke – Lecturer, French
Dominick Lawton – Graduate Student, Slavic
Ignacio Navarrete – Professor, Spanish
Minsook Kim – Lecturer, East Asian Languages & Cultures
Gabriella Licata – Graduate Student, Spanish
Annamaria Bellezza – Lecturer, Italian
October 9, 3-6 pm

On Butterflies, Onions, and Surfers: How Language Teaching Can Save the World

Glenn Levine, Professor, German, UC Irvine
November 12, 3-5 pm

BLC Fellows Forum – Instructional Development Research Projects

Nathalie Khankan – Lecturer, Near Eastern Studies
Kathryn DeWaele – GSR, Slavic
Edwin Ko – GSR, Linguistics
Rachel Weiher– GSR, French
December 4, 3-5 pm

All lectures held via Zoom

The BLC Lecture Series is sponsored by the College of Letters & Science.
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