Special Workshop via Zoom: Preparing for Fall 2020

A Workshop on Remote 
Language Teaching

Special Workshop via Zoom: Preparing for Fall 2020

Is this the new reality?

This online workshop will help us prepare for the possibility of continued remote instruction in the fall semester. Please come and share what worked (and what didn’t) in your classes this spring. What would you do differently in the fall? How might things be different when starting class on Zoom from day one of the semester? How can we best support students’ oral proficiency in this new setting? How might we incorporate asynchronous elements to address the needs of students in distant time zones? How might we recalibrate class time, office hours, and homework? How might we need to think differently about intermediate and advanced levels of instruction? How might the pandemic affect our goals in teaching languages and cultures?
Following a discussion of what scenarios we can anticipate for the fall semester, we will hear from faculty experienced in distance teaching. Ample time will be set aside for participants to share THEIR ideas and questions.

Thursday, May 21, 2020, 1-3 PM

Video of Zoom event:

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