Found in Translation: Paola Giunchi, Sept. 19

The Berkeley Language Center
Cordially Invites You to the Upcoming Meeting of Its

Found in Translation (FIT) Working Group 

“The Role of Grammar in Language Teaching and Learning Across Time: From an Italian Perspective”

Paola Giunchi, Professor, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

Wednesday, September 19, 2018
12-1 p.m., in B4 Dwinelle Hall

Language teaching and learning is inevitably linked to our understanding of grammar. The positions on the place of grammar within language learning have often been in radical opposition with one another. Traditional methods often underscore a concept of grammar as an internally coherent structure that is best understood as a self-contained system, whereas its linkage with social interaction has been the main tenet of recent approaches to language learning.  Starting from examples drawn from Harmenemauta Celtis, a practical textbook for the teaching of Latin and Greek of the fifth and sixth century A.D., and moving on to examples from language teaching in our age, I will consider the reasons for the shift and drift of metalinguistic knowledge in language teaching methodology throughout time and space.

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