BLC Lecture Series, Fall 2016

The Aesthetic Experience in Process Drama in Second Language Learning: Voices, Identity and Intercultural Awareness

Erika Piazzoli, Assistant Professor, Trinity College Dublin
August 26, Friday, 3-5pm

Trends in Language Enrollment/Trendy Languages

Dennis Looney, Director of Programs and ADFL, MLA
September 9, Friday, 3-5pm

Compelling Reading and Problem-Solving: The easy way (and the only way) to high levels of language, literacy and life competence

Stephen KrashenProfessor Emeritus, School of Education, USC
October 21, Friday, 3-5pm

Linguistic Landscape: A tool for critical interpretations of societies is moving to the classroom

Elana Shohamy, Professor, School of Education, Tel Aviv University
November 18, Friday, 3-5pm

BLC Fellows Forum – Instructional Development Research Projects

Giuliana Perco – Lecturer, Italian Studies
Aubrey Gabel – GSR, French
Matthew Kendall – GSR, Slavic Languages & Literatures
December 2, Friday, 3-5pm

All lectures held in B-4 Dwinelle Hall

The BLC Lecture series is sponsored by the College of Letters and Science
Berkeley Language Center * B-40 Dwinelle Hall #2640 * (510) 877-4002 x10