Lecture by C. Kramsch & A. Whiteside, November 20, 2015

Claire Kramsch, UC Berkeley
Anne Whiteside, CCSF

This lecture/demonstration will recapitulate the theoretical and methodological tenets of the notion of symbolic competence, coined by Kramsch & Whiteside in 2008. We will use an annotated bibliography to pass in review how the notion has been used by various researchers and practitioners in Applied Linguistics in the last seven years. We will then show how the notion can serve to enrich both the teaching of literacy to adult migrant workers and the teaching of foreign languages at the college level.

Presentation handout (pdf)
Kramsch presentation (pdf)
Whiteside presentation (pdf)

Mp3 (audio only) of lecture:

What Is Symbolic Competence And What Should We Do With It?

Anne Whiteside Competence Video 1

Anne Whiteside Competence Video 2

Anne Whiteside Housing Video

Anne Whiteside Investigation Video

Anne Whiteside Talking back Video 1

Anne Whiteside Talking back Video 2

Friday, Nov 20, 2015
3 – 5 pm
B-4 Dwinelle Hall