Breath of Life / Silent No More

Listen to a story on the language restoration workshop from KQED’s The California Report: Breath of Life

Language Restoration Workshop for California Indian Languages

June 1-7, 2014
University of California at Berkeley

Hosted by The Advocates for Indigenous California Language Survival and The Survey of California and Other Indian Languages

This is a one-week workshop for California Indians who wish to find and use the materials on their languages that are held in the archives of the University of California at Berkeley.  Archivists at the three main language archives – The Bancroft Library, the Hearst Museum, and the Survey of California and Other Indian Languages – are on hand to help you access the materials you need, and linguistics graduate students and professors will work with you to help you interpret and find ways to use these materials for your own research, learning and teaching purposes.  Lectures and mini-workshops are also provided on linguistics, language teaching and learning, and use of the increasing amount of on-line materials.


The Berkeley Language Center is pleased to provide facilities for participants for accessing digital resources and for working collaboratively on materials development.