Arts and Humanities Lecturers Honored

At a festive reception on May 14, 2013, Dean Anthony Cascardi and Associate Dean Sue Schweik celebrated the distinguished accomplishments of 25 lecturers in the college, all of whom have been teaching at Berkeley for 20 or more years. Among the honorees were Rutie Adler (Hebrew), Ayla Algar (Turkish), Yasuko Konno Baker (Japanese), Daniele Boucher (French), Seda Chavdarian (French), Sally Goldman (Sanskrit), John Hayes (Arabic), Maria Kotzamanidou (Modern Greek), I-Hao Li (Chinese), Ninik Lunde (Indonesian), Karen Møller (Danish), Jaleh Pirnazar (Persian), Annalee Rejhon (Welsh), Chika Shibahara (Japanese), and Bac Tran (Vietnamese).