Mark Kaiser Receives BSA Excellence in Management Award

Please join us in congratulating Mark Kaiser, Associate Director of the Berkeley Language Center (BLC), as a recipient of this year’s Excellence in Management (EIM) Award from the Berkeley Staff Assembly (BSA).

On Friday, May 18th, BLC staff attended the BSA awards ceremony held at the School of Law, as Mark accepted his award and was congratulated by Chancellor Robert Birgeneau.

In light of this year’s EIM theme, ‘Leading Through Change’, Mark is recognized as a supervisor who skillfully addresses the needs of individual employees and the BLC as a whole:

With respect to Operational Excellence (OE), Mark has met with us individually and as a group to address questions and concerns with regard to OE’s purpose and possible impact on our current roles and responsibilities.

Mark’s general managerial excellence includes his inclusive communication style and collaborative approach to accomplishing projects, ability to maintain morale and prepare staff for transitions.  He steadily encourages our reflections or even disagreements over a given matter, and thoughtfully proposes realistic deadlines.  Mark is not intimidating, is an excellent listener, and is respectful of differences and ideas.  He challenges us to think, improve in our respective skills, and care for the BLC.  He is masterful with delegation entrusting us with critical tasks, and recognizes and acknowledges quality work completed.  He readily provides us with necessary resources to aid in our professional growth. Mark also has an open-door policy, inviting us to communicate with him, whether via e-mail, telephone, or in person.  Mark undertakes what he can in order to provide the best possible inviting work environment.

Thank you and congratulations, Mark!