Higher Ceilings on Travel Support

Effective July 1st, the BLC will support lecturer travel to conferences where the lecturer is giving a paper up to $750 for domestic travel, and up to $1000 for international travel, subject to budget restrictions. This compares with a $500 limit on all travel support the past several years. The reality is that even a 3-day trip to LA, once hotels and conference registration are considered, is likely to run well over $1000. We hope these new ceilings will alleviate some of the burden on lecturers. As in the past, we would expect lecturers receiving support to write something up about the conference for the BLC Newsletter: a summary of trends reflected in the papers, a synopsis of a particularly good paper, or reactions to the lecturer’s own paper. Applications for travel during the 2011-12 AY will be available on the website in early summer.