Berkeley in Chicago: Following AAAL

Today marks the start of the annual conference of the American Association for Applied Linguistics. This year’s conference is being held in downtown Chicago, under the theme “In the Changing Contexts of Globalization”.

As in past years, AAAL looks to be well-attended by faculty and students of UC Berkeley, past and present. Below is a list-in-progress of all those we know who are presenting; please add a comment if you know of others, and we’ll add them to the list.

If you are attending the conference, we’d love to hear about your experiences there in the comment space below: What are/were your impressions of the conference? What are/were this year’s trending or controversial topics? What sessions are you looking forward to, and what sessions did you enjoy? Do you have any resources to share with language teachers, students and enthusiasts here in Berkeley?

If you weren’t able to make the trip to Chicago, you can follow AAAL on Twitter at @aaalinks, or on the organization’s Facebook page. Special thanks to Billy Heidenfeldt for getting the discussion kicked off on the BLC Facebook page!