Which language is this (Jan/Feb)

Last month’s answer: Czech.

This language …
… is spoken by nearly 78 million people. Most of its speakers live in one of two countries where this is the official language.
… is agglutinative, with an SOV syntactic structure.
…has rich honorific forms and context-sensitive speech styles to designate various distinctions in status and situation.
…uses a writing system which was invented in the 15th century by a famous king.
… uses a phonetic alphabet system consisting of 14 basic consonants and 10 basic vowels.  It has been praised by many linguists as being the world’s most scientific and easy writing system. This is also said to explain the literacy rate of about 99%.
… has been designated a strategic critical language by the United States government.
… is one of the many languages taught at UC Berkeley!  About 250-300 students take classes in this language every semester.
… has been taught at Berkeley since 1943. In fact, Berkeley was the very first institution offering the program on an American university campus.