New bSpace Resource for Instructors of Intermediate-level Language Courses

Greetings! I have started a bSpace project site to unite second-year language instructors teaching foreign languages/ESL across departments at Berkeley. I have set up the site to allow anyone with a Berkeley address to join it. It is called SECOND YEAR SHARE FAIR. Although not all intermediate classes are going to be at the same level of competence, depending on the language, I thought it would be good to have an intermediate (as opposed to beginning or advanced) project site. (Also, as the second-year coordinator in French, this made the most sense to me.) I invite language coordinators and/or lecturers to consider joining the site and to encourage other instructors and GSIs to join, too. The site can be searched by name and any Berkeley instructor may join.

Here’s the description of the site: This bSpace project site is designed for one purpose – to bring together instructors teaching intermediate foreign language. Instructors can post their ideas, activities, links, materials, and participate in a virtual share fair. Your ideas can range from an original creation, a classic standby, or a pedagogical treatment you discovered from another source. When you post your link, video, Word/PowerPoint/.pdf document, or other teaching materials, be sure to indicate at least the following: course, theme, title and brief description, and any appropriate source information. For example: French 3, family photographs: “Who is family? Analyzing family photos
Overview | What makes a family? How do various family photographs send messages about the meaning of family? In this lesson, students will consider these questions by analyzing photographs on the theme of families and documenting their own families through photography.”
Also helpful to include: objectives, time required, materials required, sequence, and follow-up activities. See source site above as a model. We hope to add other intermediate language courses to this project site.