Update on LFLFC

The Library of Foreign Language Film Clips continues to grow in number of films, number of clips, and number of features.

This spring we added our 41st language with the purchase of three films in Armenian. Currently our collection stands at 942 films, with Japanese, Russian, French, Spanish and Chinese accounting for 50% of the film collection. As of June 15th, we have 7677 published clips, with the top languages (Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese) accounting for 70% of our clips. At this time we have at least 25 published clips in 14 languages.

This is turning into a busy summer for the LFLFC. In June I conducted a workshop for the UCCLLT on building lesson plans around film clips. The 20 participants worked for two days on their plans and then presented them to the group. By the start of the fall semester we will have a new feature on the website: a tab for Lesson plans, where instructors will be able to upload plans, or search for a lesson plan based on a wide range of metadata, and then download the plan and any accompanying worksheets. Clips and films will be cross referenced to lesson plans, and when viewing a lesson plan it will take only one click of the mouse to put all clips from a plan into the cart for ordering. We hope this new feature will facilitate the sharing of ideas on how best to work with the LFLFC.