New BLC Rooms for Quiet Computing and Distance Learning

Over the past several years the BLC has seen a sharp reduction in its media duplication operations. What was once a $66,000 per year operation, last year shriveled to less that $6,000. With the retirement of Charles Derden from the BLC last fall, we have limited our duplication operations to a very small operation, to be handled out of the Recording Studio under the direction of Keith Hernandez.

The reduction of our media duplication service freed up the Media Duplication room (B-7). One of the needs we have long identified is a lab space where students could go to take computer-based tests or engage in listening activities, without the interference of other students loudly recording language samples at the neighboring computer. We had a small lab, but it was isolated in Dw. 134 and we no longer had lab monitors on that floor who could open up the room. So, our solution was to move the eleven computers in 134 Dwinelle to B-7. As a result, all three computer labs are now on the B-level (B-3, B-7, and B-21), and B-7 is designated a quiet lab, i.e., no recording of materials in that facility.

134 Dwinelle has been transformed into a small, DL-capable classroom, with the usual set of equipment (Polycom system for video conferencing, data projection, modular furniture with seating for up 20 students). We have seen the demand for DL classrooms grow significantly over the past few years, and we are concerned that budget constraints might lead to the teaching of more DL classes in the future. If so, the BLC is ready to handle those needs. Reservations may be made via the Room Reservation system.