Lectures by BLC Fellows (K. Dickinson, A. Mendelson, J. Park), May 8, 2009

Spring 2009 BLC Fellows Instructional Development Research Projects


Literacy in First-Year Turkish: A Multi-Voiced Approach
Kristin Dickinson, GSR, Comparative Literature
Extending a BLC project for Turkish 1A in the fall, this semester I have worked to integrate a literacy-based approach into second-semester Turkish (1B). Activities I have designed allow students to approach canonical and non-canonical cultural materials from multiple perspectives. Through exposure to prose, poetry, folk songs, and film clips, students have been encouraged to question their place within the Turkish literary canon and to reflect on the resonances of authorial and student voices

Online Communication in Beginning Spanish Instruction
Adam Mendelson, GSR, Spanish and Portuguese
In this presentation I share lessons learned from integrating a variety of computer-based activities into a Spanish 2 class. Designing instruction for the computer lab involved balancing technological, epistemological, and cultural factors. When successful, it resulted in activities that students found enjoyable and productive. Using online forums prior to in-class discussions helped prepare students to speak in class, and expanded the range of students who participated in those discussions

“Reading” TV: Graphic Overtitles in Korean TV Shows
Junghee Park, Lecturer, East Asian Languages and Cultures
After an introduction of “graphic overtitles” in Korean TV shows, I will examine the various kinds of linguistic and nonlinguistic semiotic resources used in them. I will also show how they add a new semiotic dimension to the multimodal communicative context of the television screen. It will be argued that various uses of typography, emoticons, and comic book symbols convey an evaluative and affective narrative stance and contribute to a new visual literacy in Korean. I will also discuss how this study could be applied to the teaching of Korean language and culture.

Friday, May 8, 2009
3-5 pm, B-4 Dwinelle Hall